RLJ Systems offer bespoke solutions for our clients to meet their telematic needs.

We are one of the few providers which offer no contract pay as you go tracking with an upfront cost for installation and hardware. As well as a lease contract option with multiple units nationwide.

We at RLJ Systems work alongside our clients and understand their tracking needs. That means being cost effective, manageable, easy to use, straight forward and open.

We are one of the few providers which offer no contract pay as you go tracking with an upfront cost for installation and hardware matching certain clients busy and quiet periods or a lease contract option for a more resolute offering.

Fitting a tracker to vehicle

Cloud based software accessible via most web browsers with tracking of live and historical journeys, geo fences and reports. With powerful software our clients are in control they can customise the system to meet their needs with an array of additional features. An open API offer which can integrate their tracking data wherever they wish. Amalgamating reports to their requirements.

We provide a range of trackers, dashcams and multi camera tracking solutions. With a commitment to find the right system and solution for our clients.


Tracking Solutions for :

Telematics - online

Haulage/vehicle tracking –  A hard wired or plug-in tracking device which records driving information such as driver behaviour, stops, starts, speed, location, time and much much more…

Multi Camera Tracking Device – A all in one solution. One device  which records video for upto 30days, from multiple cameras which are installed in and around the vehicle. Remotely download a section of the recording selecting the location and time. This tracking solution is ideal to meet the new DVS (Direct Vision Standard).

Trailer Tracking –  Two types of trailer tracking. Battery powered which can last upto 5 years depending on the level of tracking/communication our clients would want for their trailer. Powered tracker is used when a trailer takes power from the cab/vehicle. Power is taken when the trailer is connected, when unhitched power is taken from an internal battery and will continue to process once a day communications so that the location of the trailer is still available.

Asset Tracking Device – Skips, Pallet, Containers or Caravans as just some of the assets which are clients tracking utilising our asset tracking device. A battery only tracking device for use with assets which move infrequently and are stationary for long periods. With Battery life between 3 to 5 years depending on operation.

3G Dash Cam Device – This HD display camera records video to a SD Card which can be downloaded remotely. Our dash cam solutions provides’ one download per month per vehicle which is aggregated on our standard plan.

Plant and Machinery Tracking – A robust unit for use with tractors and MEWPS along with other site, farm, plant and construction vehicles. Connecting to both 12v and 24v vehicles this unit also has a large rechargeable battery allow tracking communications when the vehicle is left stationary for periods of time.

Multi-level plans to meet our clients’ requirements are available.   CONTACT US to see how we can help with your fleet today.